Brakes and brake control

On request, we will gladly deliver our motors and gearmotors with an integrated mechanical brake, which is available as single brake or double brake. The great number of available brake sizes and braking torques will certainly let you find the ideal brake for your specific requirements.

Find the right brake for you using our modular brake system

Our mechanical brake is a DC-operated electromagnetic disk brake that is released electrically and applied using spring force. The brake is applied when the voltage supply is interrupted. It meets the basic safety requirements.

The brake can also be released mechanically if equipped with a manual brake release. The mechanical release is enabled by a hand lever that resets automatically or an adjustable set screw. The brake is controlled by a brake control that is installed in either the motor terminal box or the control cabinet.

The variability in our modular brake design means that you can choose from up to 3 different brake sizes for installation on the motor required. Furthermore, the braking torque can also be varied by using different spring packages. The resulting multitude of braking torques also ensures the solution meets your requirements.

You can also choose safety-rated brakes that comply with EN ISO 13849-1 from our module brake system, which are specifically tailored for requirements in the area of functional safety. They enhance a safe brake system enabling the implementation of the "safe brake actuation" and "safe brake hold" safety functions based on your required performance level.

Our modular brake system also includes safety-rated brakes that can be used for horizontal operation up to PL d and vertical operation up to PL c in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

Double disk brake: The new component in our safe brake systems

A popular solution for implementing safe brake systems in industrial environments or in event technology applications is the use of 2 parallel motors with individual brakes – a safe but not particularly compact or cost-effective solution.

With the introduction of the state-of-the-art BF../BT.. double disk brakes, SEW‑EURODRIVE has now made it possible for you to implement a safe brake system with 2 individual brakes on one single drive. Both of these double disk brake designs achieve the maximum performance level e (PL e) in industrial systems and event technology applications (in theaters, for instance).

The advantages of the double disk brake: Less installation space, less installation work and therefore lower costs. Supplementing a safe brake system, they provide completely new possibilities for man and machine in the area of functional safety.

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Your benefits

  • Short design

    The weight and motor frame length are reduced thanks to the special design
  • Large variety of options

    Allows for custom combinations of motors and brakes
  • Function and wear monitoring diagnostic unit (optional)

    With a contactless, continuous supply of information regarding the function and wear of each individual brake

Brakes for AC motors of the DR.. series


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